Lab 1-3

Analyze the file Lab01-03.exe.

1) Upload the Lab01-03.exe file to Does it match any existing antivirus definitions?

File name: Lab01-03.exe

SHA256: 7983a582939924c70e3da2da80fd3352ebc90de7b8c4c427d484ff4f050f0aec


2) Are there any indications that this file is packed or obfuscated? If so, what are these indicators? If the file is packed, unpack it if possible.

Yes, using PEid we can see that the program is Packed with FSG.


Also we can see that the sections have no names and that the first section has a Virtual Size of 12288 bytes (0x3000) while its raw size is 0.

There’s no way of automatically unpack this file, so at this point it’s not possible to unpack it.

3) Do any imports hint at this program’s functionality? If so, which imports are they and what do they tell you?

The program only have two Imports (LoadLibraryA and GetProcAddress). These two imports are typical of Malwares that will run an Unpacking routine and thus, without any further information it is not possible to provide any information regarding the program’s functionality other than that.

4) What host- or network-based indicators could be used to identify this malware on infected machines?

It is not possible to provide any host or network-based indicator using Static Analysis without unpacking this file.