Lab 1-2

Analyze the file Lab01-02.exe.

1) Upload the Lab01-02.exe file to Does it match any existing antivirus definitions?

File name: Lab01-02.exe

SHA256: c876a332d7dd8da331cb8eee7ab7bf32752834d4b2b54eaa362674a2a48f64a6


2) Are there any indications that this file is packed or obfuscated? If so, what are these indicators? If the file is packed, unpack it if possible.

Yes. The Entry Point is at the UPX1 section, which gives us the information that this Sample is packed with UPX.


We can unpack it running UPX: upx -o Lab01-02_unpacked.exe -d Lab01-02.exe

3) Do any imports hint at this program’s functionality? If so, which imports are they and what do they tell you?

The imports hint that this Malware may have the ability to perform external connections (InternetOpenA and InternetOpenUrlA), also the malware creates a Service (CreateServiceA).

4) What host- or network-based indicators could be used to identify this malware on infected machines?

One of the strings is “”, this domain might be a C2 and requires further investigation.